Istranka 2

The Slovenian coast is a beautiful area, full of surprises, different tastes and culinary delights. We at Istranka came up with the idea that we could present to the visitor at least a piece of this tradition by founding a shop in which we collect and offer local products that are made by hard-working hands. The offer of products is really wide: products made of salt and olives, than olive oil, fine wines, different types of fruit brandies and liqueurs, fruit vinegars, truffles, dried fruit, herbs, honey and honey products, jams and much more.

In our shop you can also find promotional souvenirs of the town of Koper and Slovenia. Among tasty souvenirs there are also t-shirts, hats, ceramics, magnets, badges, stickers, flags, jars, pendants, pens, spoons, badges, artwork and much more. Of course we did not forget typical Slovenian products and souvenirs such as Idrija lace, wooden ware, quarrying products and other products of arts and crafts.

And last but not least: if you wish to enjoy the freedom of this coastal towns and its hinterland, you can discover and explore it also by yourself. It’s simple: rent a bike and feel the wind in your hair.


While staying in Koper you are welcome to make a walk along the promenade and come to visit our cosy shop.